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We have an exciting line up of EMS webinar continuing education! Our webinars are offered to rural EMS providers free of charge and are approved by the State of Michigan. Register, attend the live webinar, complete the quiz and evaluation afterward and receive your EMS continuing education credits free of charge.

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Additional Webinar Information

After registering (registration links can be found on our webpage or on social media) you will be provided via email the connection information on how to login to the webinar via our Zoom platform. The PowerPoint presentation will be available for print on our website and via email prior to the program. 

Please take note that registration for all webinars will close one day prior to the live webinar. This is necessary for administrative purposes. 

Once all of the EMS webinar requirements have been accomplished you will receive your continuing education certificate via the email provided upon registration (please be sure you've provided a valid email). Please allow one to two weeks for delivery.

We hope you enjoy the content provided and we encourage feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve your educational experience. 

*NOTE* Attention EMS IC's! We are always looking for session instructors to collaborate with! If you are an IC and would like to teach an EMS webinar course please contact Andrea.



EMS Webinar

Course Description




Topic: Leadership Q&A with Emily Bergquist 

Speaker: Emily Bergquist

EMS Division Director, MDHHS BETP

Host: Andrea Abbas

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In this 60 minute webinar, we will get the chance to sit down with new EMS division director, Emily Bergquist to discuss EMS in the state of Michigan. We'll have the chance to get to know Emily and understand the current state of EMS in our state and what the initiatives are for the future of EMS in Michigan. Emily and I will take a deep dive into leadership and discuss how leadership has shaped Emily's career and what she's learned along the way. Attendees will have time to ask questions and engage with Emily during the webinar. 


EMS: 1 Preparatory

IC: 1 Instructional Techniques


Webinar Recording

Topic: What's in a Name? EMS Branding, Marketing & Recruitment

Speaker: Brett Lyle

Host: Andrea Abbas

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What do people think of first when they see your ambulance? What's your word on the street? In this session, we will explore the fundamentals of branding and marketing for EMS agencies. We'll expore how an organization's branding and marketing campaign impacts recruitment and what marketing QI strategies can be done to improve an agencies reach and image.

EMS: 1 Operations

IC: 1 Intstructional Techniques

education/Whats in a Name.pdf


Webinar Recording


How to Make the Most of Your Internal Training Program

Speaker: Tim Nowak

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Limited staffing, limited budgets, and limited equipment don't necessarily equate to limited resources. Making the most of your internal training program means that you need to maximize your staffing, maximize your budget, and maximize your equipment ... and when you can do that, you'll have seemingly unlimited resources! This class will help you strengthen your EMS agency's internal training program - whether rural or urban - so that you can be a leader in training delivery within your area.

EMS: 1 Operations

IC: 1 Education Administration

education/Making the Most of Internal Training.pdf


Webinar Recording


COVID Disease and Airway Management for Patient Transport

Speaker: Jeff Callard PA-C

Envision Health Care/ EPMG

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We welcome Jeff back to discuss the latest update on COVID-19. In this session will discuss the latest evidence around COVID disease including at risk populations, common disease findings and treatments. In addition, we will delve into best practices around high-flow oxygen COVID patient transports and airway management. EMS: 1 Airway

education/EMS 2022 Covid.pdf

Webinar Recording


Measuring & Evaluating Patient Care Reports

Speaker: Geoff Lassers

Oakland County Medical Control Authority

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In this session, the student will appreciate the systemic apprach to measuring and evaluating patient care reports. Strategies used when it comes to ePCR review, QI data analysis, and QA measures will be discussed. The future of ePCR QI/QA efforts will be explored.

EMS: 1 Operations

IC: 1 Measurement & Evaluation

education/Measuring and Evaluating PCRs - MCRH - 5-9-2022.pdf

education/1 - ePCR QA Form - Initial Review - 1-2-2022.docx.pdf

education/2 - ePCR QA Form - Refusal of Transport - 1-2-2022.docx.pdf

education/3 - ePCR Narrative Rubric - 1-2-2022.docx.pdf

education/4 - ePCR QA Form - Stroke - 1-2-2022.docx.pdf

Webinar Recording



OB Simulation Scenarios

Speaker: Shelly Betancourt & Michelle Becher

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In this session, we will present live in the back of the ambulance! Expect live virtual simulated learning scenarios covering eclamptic and ectopic OB medical emergencies.  EMS: 1.5 Medical

education/EMS June 2022 Ectopic Pregnancy, Sepsis, Eclampsia EMS 6-5-22.pdf

Webinar Recording


Providing Corrective Feedback

Speaker: John Thuet

Oakland County Medical Control Authority

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EMS Providers and instructors need to have a thorough understanding of the importance of their role in pre-hospital education as it pertains to providing employees feedback.We will discuss best practices around providing feedback, the difference between evaluation and feeedback, and why feedback is paramount to leadership & influence.

EMS: 1 Preparatory

IC: 1 Education Administration

education/Providing Feedback.pdf

Webinar Recording


Addressing Burnout

Speakers: Ryan Chadderton & Matt Rose

Stay Well Program

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The COVID-19 pandemic has created emotional distress for public health care workers across the board. As the pandemic wears on, professional burnout is on the rise. How can we help the public health workforce manage their own stress-related feelings while supporting the public? This webinar will consist of a presentation followed by an optional interactive discussion.

You will learn:

- How to recognize and address normal symptoms of emotional distress

- Practical ways to reduce the symptoms of burnout and compassion fatigue

- Why it’s important to discuss burnout with your staff

- How anyone can get free, confidential emotional support from trained counselors

EMS: 1 Preparatory

IC: 1 Instructional Techniques


Managing Difficult Personalities,The 90/10 Rule

Speaker: Andrea Abbas 

The Michigan Center for Rural Health

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One of Andrea's golden rules is to be aware of how much time we invest in toxic personalities when leading and managing an EMS team. Many EMS leadership courses teach us to spend 80% on our top perfomers and 20% on toxic and/or disordered underperformers. Andrea will challenge that ratio and discuss the various disordered personality types we may find ourselves up against during our career and how best to manage and lead them without violating the 90/10 rule. 


Expect us to hit a variety of topics including:

extreme ownership, victimhood, playing small & staffing crisis fear and guilt.

EMS: 1 Operations

IC: Education Administration


First, Do No Harm, Are You Sure You Want to Do That?

Speaker: Betsy McDavid

Emergent Health Partners

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Join us to learn why quality assurance in a just culture is arguably as important as clinical quality imporvement. 

EMS: 1 Operations

IC: 1 Evaluation & Measurement


Assessing Traumatic Brain Injuries in the Field: An EMS Approach

Speaker: Allison Biliti

Michiga Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of EMS, Trauma & Preparedness

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EMS: 1 Trauma

The 48 Laws of Power, Power & Politics

Speaker: Andrea Abbas

The Michigan Center for Rural Health

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Why do we avoid discussing power & politics? People are more likely to discuss money or sex before power or politics. In this presentation, we'll use Robert Greene's best selling book, The 48 Laws of Power to discuss two very important workplace constructs power & politics. 

To lead effectively we must be well acquainted with power and politics.Together, we'll explore Robert Grenne's perspective while applying an EMS spin.

EMS: 1 Preparatory

IC: 1 Instructional Techniques







MSU Learning Assessment Center EMS CE Workshops


Virtual Simulated Distance EMS Continuing Education- The MSU Learning Assessment Center & The Michigan Center for Rural Health.

Each session is 1 hour in length and taught in a simulated environment through a virtual platform. Participants are required to have a camera and microphone to attend for continuing education credits. The workshops are free, however, a valid credit card is required to register. There is a $25 charge for those who fail to attend or cancel. This allows us to staff the sessions based on registration numbers. 

Pediatric Special Considerations Medical 1 hour CE Sim Virtual Sessions:

September 27, 2022 11am-12pm Register here

October 19, 2022 1pm-2pm Register here

November 8, 2022 8am-9am Register here

Pediatric Medication Administration 1 hour Virtual CE Session:

December 13, 2022 4pm-5pm Register here


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