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We have an exciting line up of EMS webinar continuing education! Our webinars are offered to rural EMS providers free of charge and are approved by the State of Michigan. Register, attend the live webinar, complete the quiz and evaluation afterward and receive your EMS continuing education credits free of charge.

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Additional Webinar Information

After registering (registration links can be found on our webpage or on social media) you will be provided via email the connection information on how to login to the webinar via our Zoom platform. The PowerPoint presentation will be available for print on our website and via email prior to the program. 

Please take note that registration for all webinars will close one day prior to the live webinar. This is necessary for administrative purposes. 

Once all of the EMS webinar requirements have been accomplished you will receive your continuing education certificate via the email provided upon registration (please be sure you've provided a valid email). Please allow one to two weeks for delivery.

We hope you enjoy the content provided and we encourage feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve your educational experience. 

Our Courses Are Now On MI-TRAIN

You can now access on-demand EMS CE's through MI-TRAIN (mi.train.org). Each course below that has been posted for credit will have a noted MI-TRAIN ID in the presentation column. Once logged into MI-TRAIN, you can search the course ID to locate the course in MI-TRAIN.

*NOTE* Attention EMS IC's! We are always looking for session instructors to collaborate with! If you are an IC and would like to teach an EMS webinar course please contact Andrea.



EMS Webinar

Course Description




How Self Improvement Shows Up In Leadership

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Leadership Series Part I

Attendees will learn how self-leadership, self-care, self-improvement and mindfulness impacts their daily lives. The importance and impact of these daily behaviors on leadership performance will be discussed. How you show up differently when practicing and striving for self leadership and improvement will be highlighted. 

Speakers: John Becknell, SafeTech Solutions with Andrea Abbas The Michigan Center for Rural Health

1 Preparatory Webinar Recording Click to View

Hiring, Onboarding and Field Training. How You Do It Matters.

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Leadership Series Part II

Attendees will take a deep dive into organizational culture and recruitment and retention. Together we will examine our beliefs behind hiring, on-boarding and field training. We will examine the current state of the industry and it's impact on our beliefs. Best practices will be discussed. 

Speaker: Andrea Abbas, The Michigan Center for Rural Health

1 Operations

education/Hiring, Onboarding and Field Training.pdf

Webinar Recording Click to Watch


The Importance of Leading From the Middle. Why Supervisors and FTO's are the Heart of Your Organization

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Leadership Series Part III

Attendees will examine the challenges associated with leading as a middle manager. We will discuss the characteristics of influencers and how those without support can make an impact and lead their team well while accounting for politics. The importance of middle mangers will be highlighted.

Speakers: Aarron Reinert, SafeTech Solutions with Andrea Abbas, The Michigan Center for Rural Health

1 Operations

education/Art of Influence MCRH 2021.pdf

Webinar Recording Click to Watch


After the Call, Stories & Turining Points

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The heart set and mindset of our EMS providers is paramount to cultivating a healthy workforce. The center is making space for career providers to share their stories and turning points openly. Each panelist is willingly sharing their own personal experience to bring awareness and destigmatize what can happen to our EMS professionals when they face a turning point or encounter something personally or professionally challenging. Please attend and support the openess of these brave EMS professionals.

Host: Andrea Abbas

Co Host: Emily Bergquist

Panelists: Kristine Kuhl, Aaron Decker, Betsy McDavid & Ryan Chadderton

1.5 Prepratory Webinar Recording, Click to Watch

Improving Clinical Documentation for EMS Providers

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This one hour session will review the basic written structure EMS personnel can apply for clinical documentation to minimize agency liability and improve medical necissity for revenue cycle management. Structures such as DRAATT, CHART and DCHART will apply. Narrative cases will be used to highlight the lesson. 

Speaker: Andrea Abbas MS NRP IC

Special Guest: Douglas Wolfberg

1 Operations

education/Improving Clinical Documentation for EMS.pdf

Webinar Recording, Click to Watch


Unusual Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies, A Case Review

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1 Pediatric Special Considerations Medical

education/EMS Rural Repiratory problems 2021.pptx

Webinar Recording, Click to Watch

MI-TRAIN Course ID: 1099048


Patient Assessment: Advancing the Basics

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1 Patient Assessment

education/Pt Assessment MCRH 2021.pdf

Webinar Recording, Click to Watch

MI-TRAIN Course ID: 10997999 


OB Scenarios for Pre-hospital Providers

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In this 90 minute live webinar Shelly & Michellle will cover learning scenarios focused on prehospital pre-term births, abruptio placenta and placenta previa. 

We are working towards taking our live webinars to another level, more to come on that. 

Speaker: Maternal 911

Shelly Betancourt & Michelle Becher

Maternal 911


1.5 Medical

education/EMS + Maternal 911 August 2021 OB Emergecies .pdf

education/EMS + Maternal 911 August 2021.pptx

Webinar Recording, Click to Watch

September Attend a Workshop!

Our office is sponsoring multiple EMS workshops in September. 

You can view and register for all of our workshops here.


CE credits are available for all of our workshops


The Value of EMS ePCR Data for Patients, EMS Providers and EMS Systems

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In this 60 minute presentation the participant will appreciate the benefit of a high quality EMS ePCR and it's impact on systems of care. The participant will gain insight into the use and impact of the NEMSIS and MINEMSIS on the EMS system from practitioner to agency infastructure to state-wide systems of care. Education resources and system protocols will be highlighted for providers, IC's and LSA's.


Geoff Lassers Paramedic IC, AAS

John Theut MS, Paramedic, EMS-IC

EMS CE: Operations

IC CE: Education Administration

education/The Value of EMS ePCRs - 10-12-2021.pdf

Webinar Recording, Click to Watch


Inter-Rater Reliability: Evaluating the Evaluator

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In this 60 minute presentation participants will understand the difference between inter-rater and intra-rater reliability in the classroom. Exam validation and how to improve inter and intra-rater reliability will be highlighted. Insight into the importance and how to perform objective student evaluations will be discussed.

Speaker: Allison Biliti BS, CCP, EMS-IC


EMS CE:Prepratory

IC CE: Measurement & Evaluation


Cultivating Longevity for EMS Providers Through Sleep & Rest

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In this 60 minute presentation we will explore the sleep research done by Dr. Matthew Walker PhD of Harvard Medical School and Dr. Daniel Patterson PhD of the University of Pittsburg. This presentation will use science to highlight how our industry views sleep and rest and what we can do to cultivate a culture of longevity and health for our EMS workforce. 

Speaker: Andrea Abbas MS NRP IC CP-C


EMS CE: Operations

Webinar Archives


(For re-play only no CE's are available)

OB Emergencies Part 2

CIP Fact vs. Fiction

QA/QI for EMS Agencies

Myers Briggs Type Indicator for EMS Leaders

OB Emergencies Part 1






MSU Learning Assessment Center EMS CE Workshops


Virtual Simulated Distance EMS Continuing Education- The MSU Learning Assessment Center & The Michigan Center for Rural Health.

Each session is 2.5 hours in length and taught in a simulated environment through a virtual platform. Participants are required to have a camera and microphone to attend for continuing education credits. The workshops are free, however, a valid credit card is required to register. There is a $25 charge for those who fail to attend or cancel. This allows us to staff the sessions based on registration numbers. 

CE credits for each session are:

1 SC Pediatric Medical

1 SC Pediatric Medication Administration

Pediatric EMS CE Credit Workshop Dates for October:

October 14, 2021 0900-1130 register for session

October 26, 2021 0900-1130 register for session


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EMS Programs Manager

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