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Rural Health Equity Resources

Health equity definition from the RWJF

At the MCRH, we believe that achieving rural health equity requires practical assessments, strong collaboration, and continuous education. Equitable programs must analyze data to determine where funds, resources, and opportunities need to be allocated to ensure all community members have the opportunity to thrive.


No matter the framework your organization chooses to utilize to advance health equity, it is essential to incorporate a systems approach to health. Whether your organization uses the Thrive Rural Framework, Communities in Action: Pathways to Health Equity Framework, or another framework, such as those identified in the Rural Health Information Hub, the framework you choose should appropriately align with your organization’s priorities and preferences.


Equity vs. Equality: Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances and needs, while equality provides everyone the same resources, regardless of their need.


Not sure what the best framework is for your organization? Need additional resources? Reach out to the MCRH. We are here to help!




Social Drivers of Health Manager Contact 

Laura Mispelon, MHA
Social Drivers of Health Manager
Michigan Center for Rural Health