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Project ECHO

What is Project ECHO®?

Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a movement, whose mission is to develop the capacity to demonopolize knowledge and amplify the capacity to provide best practice care for underserved people.

By using videoconferencing technology, the ECHO Model™ connects groups of community providers with specialists at teleECHO clinics. The sessions, designed around case-based learning and mentorship, help local workers gain the expertise required to provide needed services. Providers gain skills and confidence; specialists learn new approaches for applying their knowledge; fostering an "all teach, all learn" approach.

Michigan Center for Rural Health in partnership with Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine is using the Project ECHO® model to create a community collaboration to assist providers and other members of the health care team throughout Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula to more effectively and confidently manage their infectious disease patients.

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Infectious Diseases

Educational webinars focusing on infectious diseases that provide CME. 

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One Health

Educational webinars that provide CME, focusing on leveraging human, animal, and environmental health partners to keep Michigan healthy.

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Educational webinars focusing on geriatric health and care that provide CME.

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ECHO at a Glance

Diagram showing the following: MSU Hub < Provider Education < Community Providers < Patient < Patient benefits