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Community Health Workers

The CHW toolkit compiles promising practices and resources to support rural communities seeking to develop CHW programs. The target audiences for the toolkit are rural organizations including healthcare providers; nonprofit organizations; faith-based organizations; businesses; networks; and community-based organizations.

An article from ASTHO on how rural communities are developing tailored, self-determined solutions to healthcare challenges, including directing investments into CHW programs to reduce disparities.

The MDHHS SDOH Strategy identifies CHWs as a strategic imperative to improve health outcomes and advance health equity. Extensive efforts are ongoing to better support the CHW workforce and ensure more Michigan residents are able to benefit from CHW services.


MDHHS also has multiple resources to help start the process of CHWs’ services being paid for by Medicaid.

  • Consultation Summary Project 2332-CHW: Medicaid Coverage of Community Health Worker (CHW)/Community Health Representative (CHR) Services
  • CHW Fee Schedule: Professional fee schedule format lists for procedure codes, descriptions, and fee screens.
  • Upcoming CHW Webinars: Sign up for upcoming webinars regarding MI Medicaid CHW Registry, CHAMPS Provider Enrollment, and more.
  • Email Updates: Stay up to date with the latest MI CHW information by subscribing to the MDHHS newsletter.
  • NMU Center for Rural Health Blog Story - Healthcare Feature: Community Health Workers: Shannon Lijewski, NCHW MBA, CHCEF, Principal & Chief Executive Officer at Everyday Life Consulting, is a champion for supporting the expansion of CHWs statewide, particularly in rural areas.
  • NMU Center for Rural Health CHW Training Opportunities: The Nationally Aligned Community Health Worker Certification (NCDHW) is available through NMU at a discounted rate.
  • NMU Center for Rural Health U.P. CHW Network Quarterly Call: Connect with the Upper Peninsula Community Health Worker Network through NMU’s quarterly calls.
  • NMU Center for Rural Health U.P. Community Health Town Hall: Townhall discussion about community health workers with experts in the field.

The purpose of the Medicaid policy is to establish coverage criteria for CHW services as a component of Medicaid services effective for dates of service on and after January 1, 2024. Community Health Worker services are provided as preventive services pursuant to 42 CFR Section 440.130(c).

MDHHS has created a step-by-step guide for your organization to become an approved Michigan Medicaid CHW provider.

See Guide

The Michigan Community Health Worker Alliance (MiCHWA) has created a resource to compare the language of the Medicaid Coverage of CHW/Community Health Representative (CHR) Services policy as it was proposed and as it is written in its final form to be included in Michigan’s Medicaid State Plan.

See Policy

The MI Medicaid CHW Registry is a database of CHWs who have met qualification criteria required to provide CHW services to Medicaid beneficiaries in Michigan. Individuals can become certified CHWs through either the CHW Training Program Pathway or the Work Experience Pathway. 

See Registry Guide

MiCHWA describes the minimum requirements needed of a CHW/CHR training program. MiCHWA’s review of the submitted curriculums ensures they align with the National Core Competency Standards competencies & sub-skills, as directed by Michigan Medicaid policy MMP 23-74.

See Training Program

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Paige Recker
Access to Rural Care Manager