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Northern Michigan Opioid Response Consortium

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To engage Northern Michigan in a coordinated response to reduce opioid use disorders (SUD).

Inspired, supportive and actionable community stakeholders for the prevention, treatment and recovery of opioid use disorders through effective and easily accessible programs and resources while maintaining a sustainable, integrated and efficient delivery system.

About Us
Northern Michigan Opioid Response Consortium (NMORC) brings together 50 partners to address the opioid epidemic across a 25-county region in northern Lower Michigan. Partners include healthcare facilities (hospitals, hospital affiliated clinics, Rural Health Clinics, and Federally Qualified Health Centers), Community Mental Health agencies, Local Public Health agencies, prevention and harm reduction organizations, counseling centers, treatment centers, recovery community resources, law enforcement, and EMS.

NMORC utilizes targeted resources to implement core activities through the Rural Communities Opioid Response Program (RCORP) Grant Funding opportunity awarded by the Health Resources & Services Administration.


Core Activities
The NMORC's focus is on the following core activities:

  • Stigma reduction
  • Naloxone distribution, training & expansion of access
  • Harm Reduction activities
  • Behavioral Health integration
  • Provider trainings
  • Workforce
  • Building recovery capital

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Our NMORC Team

Joyce Fetrow, CPRM, CPRM-M, CHW
Project Director

Jeanne Marriott
Project Associate

Gennie Groover
Project Associate

Dr. David McGreaham
David McGreaham, MD, FACP
Medical Director

Interested in Joining NMORC?

The Northern Michigan Opioid Response Consortium works to build a better living environment for people affected by substance use disorder in northern Michigan. If your organization is interested in joining this mission and becoming an NMORC member, please contact Joyce Fetrow, Project Director by emailing: for more information.